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Associate Dean of Admissions and Outreach
San Francisco, CA
Posted Jul 16, 2013 by San Francisco Community College District
Category: Admissions/Enrollment


Associate Dean of Admissions and Outreach (RE-ISSUED)
(Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Development)  
San Francisco Community College Distric

Posting Number: 0130084    
Filing Deadline (All postings close at 4:00 PM): 08-19-2013
Job Type: Administrative - Associate Dean

Note: Amendment made to include salary range.
(For job announcement details refer to http://jobs.ccsf.edu).

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Plans and coordinates the development of pre-admissions systems and services designed to support and facilitate educational access and opportunity through application workshops, K-12 Partnerships, K-12 Presentations, and Parent Workshops.

2. Designs, develops, and implements prospect models and management systems to provide essential enrollment development information to appropriate Student Development and Academic Affairs administrators.

3. Designs, develops, and implements a comprehensive system of pre-admissions services college-wide in collaboration with the Student Development Deans, Educational Center and School Deans.

4. Enhances and improves the delivery of pre-admissions services in collaboration with Student Development Deans and Educational Center Deans to maximize educational accessibility.

5. Monitors pre-admissions activities to assess their impact on enrollment development, intervening as necessary to increase impact.

6. Collaborates with the Dean of Admissions, Records, and Outreach and Educational Center Deans to recruit noncredit students and facilitate the transition of noncredit students to credit study.

7. Orients, trains, and supports faculty and staff involved in the outreach and recruitment effort college-wide, and participate directly in the outreach and recruitment initiatives.

8. Assists the Dean of Admissions, Records, and Outreach in implementing the recommendations of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers' (AACRAO) recent program review as they relate to admissions and recruitment.

9. Plans and manages the Outreach and Recruitment budget under the supervision of the Dean of Admissions, Records, and Outreach.

10. Assists in the expansion of international student outreach and recruitment in concert with the Dean of the Chinatown/North Beach Center.

11. Serves as a College liaison to local public and private schools and community-based organizations.

12. Develops outreach and maintains positive working relationships and partnerships with area K-12 schools and appropriate community-based organizations.

13. Acts as the day-to-day CCSF contact and actively partners with SFUSD, the SF Mayor's Office (DCYF), SFSU, and other community and higher education partners to oversee Bridge to Success and other equity-based initiatives, research, and activities, and keeps the Dean informed.

14. Organizes and oversees the annual FRISCO Day at CCSF, which aims to increase SFUSD high school students' college knowledge, options, persistence, and self-advocacy skills, as well as summer outreach activities for targeted SFUSD students (such as New Student Orientations and Registration parties).

15. Works with other Student Development Deans to coordinate and provide matriculation activities onsite at SFUSD high schools; facilitates joint professional development opportunities with SFUSD and CCSF personnel that enhances matriculation, remediation, and persistence and completion goals.

16. Establishes and maintains positive, proactive, productive, and strategic partnerships with Bay Area high schools, colleges, and community-based organizations to promote community college as a viable post-secondary option, address college readiness and completion, and assist with concurrent enrollment.

17. Reviews and acts on requests for course repetition, late withdrawals, extension of incompletes and grade reviews, and the waiver of college rules and regulations.

18. Collaborates with the Associate Dean of Student Activities to assist with the Student Ambassador Program in order to support new incoming students through the admission and matriculation process.

19. Coordinates with the Office of Marketing and Public Information on outreach and recruitment efforts to conduct outreach through social media outlets to prospective students.

20. Works with the CCSF community, particularly Math and English faculty, to address equity issues related to matriculation-based remediation, persistence, and completion.

21. Oversees the provision of orientation and training for college personnel in the area of outreach, recruitment, admissions, policies & procedures, as well as prerequisites, review and enforcement.

22. Maintains an understanding of current ideas, research, technology, and practices pertaining to areas of responsibility through study and participation in professional organizations.

23. Provides leadership to department chairs and counselors in their assessment of student learning outcomes as they relate to programs and services.

24. In compliance with District guidelines, recommend, implement, and monitor multiple budgets for assigned areas to ensure that the department/program remains fiscally sound and is operating within its allocated budgets.

25. In accord with District policies, contracts, and procedures, supervises and evaluates assigned faculty, including department chairs, faculty coordinators and classified staff.

26. In accord with District policies, contracts, and procedures, manages the professional conduct of assigned department chairs, faculty, and classified staff and collaborates with Employee Relations in resolving employee disciplinary matters; where resolution is not reached at the departmental level, serves as the administrative grievance officer in employee discipline processes.

General Responsibilities
27. Promote a work culture aligned with the College's mission to promote the delivery of customer service, innovation, and quality services to students, employees, and the community.

28. Serve on District and state-wide committees as assigned, including participating collegially on CCSF Participatory Governance committees.

29. Attend Board of Trustees' meetings; make presentations and submit reports and action items related to areas of responsibility.

30. Perform additional administrative duties and services as requested and assigned.

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